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This is more like a photographer's wish list. It's a list of things you can do to ensure that you get the best images possible. And a few side tips too!

A Variety Pack

Black and White, Color, or a vintage feel. We love to give you lots of options when we edit each photo.

All The Details

Every little detail, every side story...we capture it all. We shoot all of our weddings as though it was our own.

All the Emotions

I love those moments where everyone lets there walls down and they just allow themselves to fall into that exact moment. It's the emotional part of the story.

Images by the Thousands

We get asked all the time...How many pictures do you take? The answer...on average we take 2000-5000 images

Husband and Wife Team

We first fell in love with photography. Then many years later we fell in love with each other. We combined our passions and found a way to spend more time together. An innovative photography company prevailed.

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Erin + JV

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Saturday, July 13, 2013
Have I said it before? I love beach weddings. I love how relaxed they are. Almost as though the smell of the ocean helps people forget their worries and just go with the flow. Beach weddings are flip flops required, rain or shine, and always gorgeous. Erin and JV took that same laid back approach when rain started to fall while we were shooting. I was shocked to see that she wanted to stay out in the rain and finish up the pictures. Great bride right! I think so. Turns out that they had a super intimate wedding filled with tears and celebrating their big day.

Erin and JV, thank you for treating us like family!!! You guys are amazing!

I love the next two images. I love to see what I was capturing (in the bride's sweet) and what Eddie captured at the same exact time. These next two images were taken at the exact same moment. 

I love pictures of Eddie working. I knew him before there was an expensive camera in his hand and it's so amazing to see him being a beast of a photographer now.

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