Tips for Planning Your Wedding

This is more like a photographer's wish list. It's a list of things you can do to ensure that you get the best images possible. And a few side tips too!

A Variety Pack

Black and White, Color, or a vintage feel. We love to give you lots of options when we edit each photo.

All The Details

Every little detail, every side story...we capture it all. We shoot all of our weddings as though it was our own.

All the Emotions

I love those moments where everyone lets there walls down and they just allow themselves to fall into that exact moment. It's the emotional part of the story.

Images by the Thousands

We get asked all the time...How many pictures do you take? The answer...on average we take 2000-5000 images

Husband and Wife Team

We first fell in love with photography. Then many years later we fell in love with each other. We combined our passions and found a way to spend more time together. An innovative photography company prevailed.

Eddie's Blog

Eddie has his own blog too. It's another perspective on our photography adventures. You can find his blog at

Beats & Tunes

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Occasionally we come across companies that do such a good job that we just can't help but spread the word about their great service. Recently we met a DJ that did just that. Brad & Serena Silverstein of A Affordable DJ worked as an amazing team to make sure that the wedding was a blast from start to finish. Besides playing the perfect tunes to keep the party alive they stepped in as the wedding planner to make sure that the bride & groom had nothing to worry about. They ran through the procession walk, helped organize the toasts, and entertained the kids when needed. They did an exceptional job and did more than they needed to. A Affordable DJ is located out of Seattle and provides all sorts of planning tools to make sure that your wedding day goes smoothly.
To contact Brad & Serena...
(253) 495-9026

Recent Finds

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Fight the Heat with Creative Programs...
From the wedding of Matt & Jessica so and so:
This smart couple came up with a fantastic way for their guests to keep themselves cool during their ceremony. Their wedding day came on a hot summer afternoon and the guests were facing some feirce temperatures. Lucky for them they had ceremony programs that doubled as fans. Matt & Jessica took their programs, laminated them and put them on a stick. They were gorgeous and useful.

Just for the Kids...
From the wedding of Andrew & Colleen Daley:
As just one of the million creative ideas they had at their wedding, Andrew & Colleen provided activity packages for the kids. The packages were a hit and perfect for keeping the kiddos entertained during the more precious moments during the reception. Andrew & Collen filled their packages with coloring pages, crayons, and craft goodies, but you can add mini puzzles, games, chalk, etc.

Too much good stuff...
From the weddings of several couples:
As tradition goes most bride & grooms buy one gorgeous cake to stand atop the table in the corner. But, one of the most fun & tastiest ideas we have seen yet is a buffet line of decodent cakes. Try finding 5-10 cakes of different varieties that equal the same cost as a single multi-layered caked. The guest love trying all the different flavors and is a great conversation starter.

Counting the Minutes!

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Monday, July 27, 2009 0 comments
After your wedding is all over there won't be much left to remember the day by except for a few left over decorations, a beautiful marriage and the photographs. There is a ton of pressure on photographers to capture the most minute details of the wedding day because we know just how important that aspect of the wedding is. So if we could give one piece of advice to every bride & groom it would be...
We see it happen all the time. The bride will plan 2-3 hours for portraits, bridal party & family photos. It sounds fine and it should be...if it wasn't for your maid of honor being late, or your pushy aunt who is asking for extra photos, you would have plenty of time.
But, we need to tell you that the pictures that you will want the most will be the ones of just you and your new spouse. So...plan extra time for just the two of you. Enough time to make sure that you get lots of shots, you can relax, find great locations and try some creative posing. If you can allow enough time to travel to some great locations surrounding your venue even better. Don't be pressured by anyone to take those shots away from you...these are the photographs that you will be framing on your wall!
If something does happen where you miss out on the chance to capture quality photos of the two of you then the photographer might just ask for you to take a few during the reception. OR CONSIDER A TRASH THE DRESS SESSION! You don't have to actually ruin the dress, but it's a great opportunity to get in your dress relax and do some of the things you would be terrified to do before the wedding.

Stay in the Shadows!

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One of the biggest misconceptions we face as photographers is that bright sunlit spots are the best for photographs. Yes, sunlight can light up someone's face with a soft glow or create a beautiful backdrop, but in reality it makes things a lot harder on us. We have all sorts of techniques and equipment that helps us balance the harsh blast that the sun can create, but if we had our choice we would say...
- Celebrate your wedding close to sunset so we can catch the warm glow and softer lighting. 1-2 hours prior to sunset is best.
- When deciding on a location think about the sun and how much shade is available for portraits. Shade is best for portraits so is there enough room to fit your entire family or bridal party?

Bottom sunlight can be hard to capture.

If you have specific questions about your location don't hesitate to ask questions.

An Entrance that Takes the Cake!

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If you haven't seen it yet, then you have got to see it! If you feel out of the loop you can always follow the link and see it right now. What is it? By far the most amazing procession line we had ever seen. It seems like bride & grooms are always looking for a special song to explain the couples amazing love for each other, but why not take it to the next step. The couple in this video decided to find an amazingly upbeat song and have a choreographed dance for their entire bridal party to dance to as they came down the aisle. It's amazing. Only wish that we had done it at our wedding.
If any of you decide to do anything like this give us a call...we would love to document it!!!!

Click here:
Best Entrance Ever!!