Tips for Planning Your Wedding

This is more like a photographer's wish list. It's a list of things you can do to ensure that you get the best images possible. And a few side tips too!

A Variety Pack

Black and White, Color, or a vintage feel. We love to give you lots of options when we edit each photo.

All The Details

Every little detail, every side story...we capture it all. We shoot all of our weddings as though it was our own.

All the Emotions

I love those moments where everyone lets there walls down and they just allow themselves to fall into that exact moment. It's the emotional part of the story.

Images by the Thousands

We get asked all the time...How many pictures do you take? The answer...on average we take 2000-5000 images

Husband and Wife Team

We first fell in love with photography. Then many years later we fell in love with each other. We combined our passions and found a way to spend more time together. An innovative photography company prevailed.

Eddie's Blog

Eddie has his own blog too. It's another perspective on our photography adventures. You can find his blog at

Dancing Together!

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Monday, August 03, 2009 0 comments
I think everyone in this world has a small/big fear of being made fun of as they let loose on the dance floor. So, we understand that most people want to dance in tight little circles so that they are less noticable. But, we would like to ask that everyone open up and spread out! If you are a bride encourage everyone to make a circle so the photographers can join the circle. Even if you are a terrible dancer a still image will make you look amazing. We capture only a split second of your dancing so it's hard to make you look like a bad dancer. So fight your fear, let us in, and play with the camera. You are guaranteed to get some amazing images of yourself and they will be so fun to look at later.