Tips for Planning Your Wedding

This is more like a photographer's wish list. It's a list of things you can do to ensure that you get the best images possible. And a few side tips too!

A Variety Pack

Black and White, Color, or a vintage feel. We love to give you lots of options when we edit each photo.

All The Details

Every little detail, every side story...we capture it all. We shoot all of our weddings as though it was our own.

All the Emotions

I love those moments where everyone lets there walls down and they just allow themselves to fall into that exact moment. It's the emotional part of the story.

Images by the Thousands

We get asked all the time...How many pictures do you take? The answer...on average we take 2000-5000 images

Husband and Wife Team

We first fell in love with photography. Then many years later we fell in love with each other. We combined our passions and found a way to spend more time together. An innovative photography company prevailed.

Eddie's Blog

Eddie has his own blog too. It's another perspective on our photography adventures. You can find his blog at

Still my favorites

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Thursday, August 15, 2013 0 comments
Occasionally I stumble across pictures we have taken from years ago and they fill me with yummy memories that I wish I could relive. Ashley and Jake's wedding fell on a day that just happened to be one of the most beautiful 24 hours in Oregon Coast history. The air was warm, the breeze was cool and the beaches were empty. Ashley had this gorgeous dress with a long full train and when the wind caught made for some pretty dramatic images. I happen to like this one. Just good memories!

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Just in Case...

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Wednesday, July 24, 2013 0 comments
Oh how I love our new image wrapped CD cases! I really had no idea what to expect, but they turned out pretty amazingly. Not only can I design them to look anyway I want, they are so professional and classy. I can't wait to start sending them to all of our couples!
If you would like one for your wedding that has already passed we can make you one. Just let us know and we can talk details!

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Sweet Things

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Tuesday, July 23, 2013 0 comments
We don't often get the opportunity to capture little ones, but when we do it opens up a whole world to us that we never think of. We roll on our tummies, make funny noises and have to be more patient than any other kind of photoshoot. Quite honestly it gives us an opportunity to explore new angles that we just wouldn't think of if it was an adult. I love how baby photoshoots just bring out the super goofy side of us out.

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Bri + Cory....Engaged

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Monday, July 22, 2013 0 comments
We quickly discovered just how much Bri + Cory really love each other. Bri is gorgeous let's just say that. It was so adorable to see how Cory would look at her as she was silhouetted in the sunlight. He wasn't terribly excited about the idea of having cameras pointed his way, but when it came to Bri there was no question he was game. Cory is a real man's man and Bri is the beauty with all the right jewelry and cute outfits. They make the differences work with compromise, having fun with each other and celebrating what makes each other unique.

Bri + was a blast spending the day with you. We can't wait for your wedding day. I hope it's as unique and as beautiful as you two are!

We stopped my Mcmenamin's Kennedy School to capture their love of having a good time and sharing a good beer. are gorgeous! 

Rain or Shine...You're Still Mine!

Posted by Amy Kirkpatrick On Tuesday, July 16, 2013 0 comments
No question....rain has to be one of the most feared disasters that can happen on a wedding day. And rightely so. It's easy to envision your guests diving for dryer locations as they cover their heads with your custom programs. For Jessica she sat in front of a mirror putting on her make up as she heard the sound of icy pellets hitting the ground. As she got to her knees and peered out the window she saw a snowy landscape on a June afternoon. Tears welled up in her eyes as she contemplated the scenario that was unfolding outside.
Now, out of the 170+ weddings Eddie and I have shot we have never once had to photograph a rainy wedding. It may have sprinkled before or after the ceremony, but never when it really counted. And just like the 170 weddings before them, Jessica and Chris found that the sun fought off the clouds enough to create the June like wedding they were hoping for.

But, there are a lot of goods that come with rain and actually make for some pretty knock out photos. Before or after rain is the absolute best time to take pictures. The landscape is lush and colorful. Not to mention that the clouds are dark, dramatic and beautiful. And if you are one of those brides that wouldn't mind venturing into the sprinkles you can always capture some pretty amazing shots.

Jessica + Chris took advantage of the twilight photoshoot and captured a few shots as the rain came tumbling down.

Bozeman, Montana

The Little Things....

Posted by Unknown On Monday, July 15, 2013 0 comments
When I sit at home daydreaming about what our next wedding will be like it's always the little unique pieces of decor that I tend to think about. The little items that a couple decide to set out are the things that tell their story. For Mackenzie + Alex it was buttons. The idea was as unique as they are.  The guests loved the idea and I noticed that almost everyone made sure that they took one as a memento. 

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Erin + JV

Posted by Unknown On Saturday, July 13, 2013 0 comments
Have I said it before? I love beach weddings. I love how relaxed they are. Almost as though the smell of the ocean helps people forget their worries and just go with the flow. Beach weddings are flip flops required, rain or shine, and always gorgeous. Erin and JV took that same laid back approach when rain started to fall while we were shooting. I was shocked to see that she wanted to stay out in the rain and finish up the pictures. Great bride right! I think so. Turns out that they had a super intimate wedding filled with tears and celebrating their big day.

Erin and JV, thank you for treating us like family!!! You guys are amazing!

I love the next two images. I love to see what I was capturing (in the bride's sweet) and what Eddie captured at the same exact time. These next two images were taken at the exact same moment. 

I love pictures of Eddie working. I knew him before there was an expensive camera in his hand and it's so amazing to see him being a beast of a photographer now.