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This is more like a photographer's wish list. It's a list of things you can do to ensure that you get the best images possible. And a few side tips too!

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Planning Your Timeline

Posted by Unknown On Thursday, November 05, 2009
Being a wedding photographer has to be one of the finest jobs on the planet. As you have heard it's the best day of the bride and groom's life. So it has to be a beautiful thing right? We think so. We get to spend an amazing day with a couple who are madly in love. We get to experience that love, document it, and are honored with the privilege of telling that specific story.
Here are some nitty gritty details that will help you plan your wedding day schedule which gives us the opportunities to really get creative with your story. The more you understand our role the more you will understand what we need from you. While any professional photographer should be able to handle almost any situation there are a lot of things that can that shape the photographers day. Most of them deal with the schedule so listen up.

When should we start taking pictures?
Gosh, how can I say this? I'll just be honest and say that choosing to take pictures prior to the ceremony is one of the best decisions you can make on your wedding day...besides saying I Do of course. We would love to have 1 hour or more with our bride & groom, 1/2 hour with bridal party and a 1/2 hour to hour for family photos. Just imagine trying to fit that all in during cocktail hour. Oh, that could be trouble. So, the answer to that questions really depends on how important your photos are to you.

Do you think it's a good idea to see each other prior to the wedding?
The first time you see each other is sure to be an gorgeous moment no matter when you do it. As a photographer we are always partial to taking pictures before hand so let us suggest a great solution. Imagine a private setting where you can walk up to your future husband and whirl him around to get a glance at you. You have time to be together without 100's of people watching. you can take time to talk privately, read a letter from each other, say a prayer...whatever fits the moment. Eddie and I did this and it was by far the best part of our wedding. Just the two of us, soaking up the environment, the magic, and just being together. If it works for you it's a great solution. It's also a beautiful way to document the moment. Both Eddie and I can find a spot to get both of your reactions without a lot of people in the background.

Our shot list...
If you want to be really efficient with your timing you can always use our shot list. If you don't have one...we can get you one. They are great. We know exactly what you want and we can get it done fast.

We want to ensure that we have lots of time for pictures of me and my fiance...what should we do?
We can suggest a few things. Plan your photo shoot for the hour or so before sunset. The lighting will be just perfect. If you can't do that give some time when it works best for you either before or after the ceremony and then plan to escape from the reception to take more photos during that magic hour before sunset. Also, think about your location and what it has to offer. If you really want to get the most out of our artistic talent think about trying a few different locations. This will take extra time, but you will get hundreds of shots instead of handful that will come with a 20 minute shoot.

That's all we can suggest. Time. Give abundantly and we will reward you for sure!

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    Can you post your shotlist template?